Northeast Asia FORUM on Foreign Languages Call for Papers

The Northeast Asia International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature & Teaching(NALLTS)serves as an international platform to promote academic development and exchange in Northeast Asia (Once a year). The high-quality papers will be included in the NALLTS proceedings published by The New Vision Press. All NALLTS proceedings will be included in the CPCI-SSH International Index and CNKI database. Northeast Asia Forum on Foreign Languages (NAFLS) is the periodical of NALLTS, which is published by The New Vision Press and co-organized by Dongshiruipu Education Science & Technology Ltd., Co.The ISSN is ISSN2572-469x and ISSN2572-4703(online). As an academic periodical for language experts, scholars and teachers, the content focuses on linguistics, foreign language and literature studies, translation and foreign language education and teaching research. Articles published in the periodical will be included in the CNKI database, and some of them may enter the CPCI-SSH International Index if they apply  and qualified.

Northeast Asia Forum on Foreign Languages is a bimonthly periodical which is published on the 30th of the odd number month, that is January, March, and so on. The price for each issue is $15.

Columns of the periodical are as follows: linguistics, foreign literature, translation theory, foreign language education theory, foreign language teaching practice, evaluation research, graduate BBS, foreign language information and so on.

Each page of the periodical may contain about 3800 characters. Two pages would be the minimum publishing coverage. When contribute, the author need to provide the following information: work unit, address, phone number, email address, the title, abstract and key words of the article. The article can be written in either Chinese or English, but the title, the abstract and key words must be in English (and Chinese if the article is written in Chinese).

This periodical is specialized for language, literature, and special education. Contributions from all walks of life are welcome.

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