Northeast International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature and Teaching (NALLTS), launched by Northeast Normal University, aims to improve the academic level of Northeast Asia area. NALLTS has been supported by many universities in the world, especially England, America, South Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries. At the same time, NALLTS has been quickly responded by the universities in Northeast and North China and established the organization committee: Zhang Shaojie, the chairman; Liu Yongbing, Fu Guangsheng, Ma Zhanxiang, Li Zhengshuan, Sun Jiancheng, Yang Yue, Zhou Yuzhong, Yuan Honggeng, Jiang Yufeng and Zhang Siji,vice chairmen. 2016 NALLTS was held in Ningxia University in August, and received 110 papers in total. 95 papers were selected in Proceedings of The 2016 Northeast Asia International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature and Teaching, also entering CPCI-SSH. 

This 2017 NALLTS academic annual meeting was undertaken by Lvliang College and Foreign Languge Teaching & Research Association of Shanxi’s Universities and Colleges. The co-organizer is Dongshiruipu Education Science & Technology LTD. CO. Nearly 60 people attended the meeting; 105 teachers from more than 80 universities submitted their academic papers to the conference of international CPCI – SSH, and presented at the meeting. 7 Chinese and foreign experts made the keynote speeches. In addition, 20 representatives submitted their papers to the conference and presented in the group discussion.


In the morning of July 2nd, 2017, the opening ceremony was held by Executive Secretary General Ding Junhua. Dean of the Foreign Language School of Lvliang University Ren Quanqing and Agency President of Shanxi Province Higher Learning Institution Foreign Languages Teaching Reasearch Association Zhang Sijie made the welcome speech. Office Director of School of Foreign Languages and Cultures of Ningxia University Yang Chunquan made the speech. President of Shanxi Alumni Association of Northeast Normal University and Vice chairman of Shanxi Women’s Federation Guo Xinzhi made the speech. Wang Mei, Executive Member of NALLTS explained The Articles of Association of Northeast International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature and Teaching and the Northeast International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature and Teaching organizing Committee Member List for this general assembly which were proven by all the delegates by voting. A total of 17 experts and scholars served as honorary presidents of NALLTS, chairman, executive chairman, deputy chairman and executive vice president; 29 people from different schools of foreign languages at universities were elected as the standing directors of the organizing committee of NALLTS.

During the two days of the annual meeting, a total of 7 keynote speakers presented their papers at the meeting, and more than 50 teachers presented their papers respectively in the 2 discussion groups. The 7 keynote speeches were hosted by Wang Xiangfeng, Executive Vice Chairman of NALLTS; Wang Weibo, Dean of the Foreign Language School of Dalian National University; Ren Quanqing, Dean of Foreign Language School of Lvliang University; Ding Junhua, Director and Executive Secretary General of NALLTS. The group discussions were hosted by Vice Chairman Ma Zhanxiang; Dean of the Foreign Language School of Shenyang Aerospace University Li Danli; Dean of the English School of Dalian University Gao Wei; Associate Secretary General Wang Miqing.

Professor Li Zhengshuan, Ph.D supervisor of Northeast Normal University and Hebei Normal University; Professor Yang Yuchen, Ph.D supervisor of Northeast Normal University; Professor Zhang Sijie, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences School of North University of China; Professor Gao Wei, Dean of the English School of Dalian University; Doctor Alsu Vafina, Kazan Federal University; Doctor Larysa Zolotarevska from England and Doctor Laura Hudson from America made the keynote speech.The titles are The Translation and Dissemination of Gnomic Verses about Water and Tree Lexical Priming and its Implication for Language Teaching and Learning Artistic Modulation of Ji and Zheng to the Production of Translation Works Comprehension of Interpreting Discourse: An Embodied Cognition Perspective The Works of Art by Mark Twain in Tatar language: the Peculiarities of Translation”,“Teacher, why do we always talk about what touched our hearts?”,“The Internationalization of Higher Education in China: Benefits, Challenges and Understanding the Longitudinal Implications of English Taught Degree Programs.


In the afternoon of July 2nd, two discussion groups were divided according to the topics of linguistics&teaching and literature&translation, and the papers were presented. After the keynote speech in the morning of July 3st, at noon the conference was closed. The closing ceremony of NALLTS was hosted by Professor Wang Xiangfeng, Executive Vice President of NALLTS. At the closing ceremony, Executive Member Li Danli and Associate Secretary General Wang Miqing made summary statements about paper presentations and group discussions. Vice Chairman Li Zhengshuan announced the awarding list of proceeding of 2016 NALLTS and introduced the periodical Northeast Asia Forum on Foreign Languages which has been included in the CNKI database. It maybe will be included in the CPCI and SSCI.

Vice Chairman Professor Ma Zhanxiang represented Neimenggu Province Higher Learning Institution Foreign Languages Teaching Reasearch Association and Hulunbuir College as 2018 academic conference organizer to take the flag. Finally, Professor Yang Yuchen, Vice Chair of Academic Committee of NALLTS made the closing speech.

2017 NALLTS received 105 papers in total, 83 papers were selected in Proceedings of The 2017 Northeast Asia International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature and Teaching, and published by the New Vision Press.