2018 NALLTS NO.2 Notice

Dear Mr. /Ms. ________,

2018 Northeast Asia International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature and Teaching(2018 NALLTS)will be held in Hailar City.. The coming NALLTS will invite famous scholars to give keynote speeches and experts in the concerning fields to bring about new ideas and share new achievements. Now, we are sincerely inviting you and university teachers to take part in it.

Theme: Linguistics, Literature, Translation Studies and Theory and Practice of Foreign Language Teaching

Topics: 1. Forward Issues on Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

2. Literary Studies and Foreign Language Education & Research

3. Foreign Language Research in Colleges in Northeast Asia Countries

Organizer: Organizing Committee of NALLTS

Host: Foreign Language Teaching & Research Association of Inner Mongolia’s Universities and Colleges; School of Foreign Languages in Hulunbuir University

Co-organizers: ENRP Education Technology Co. Ltd.

Inner Mogolia Huachenzhongxing Sports Industry Development Co. Ltd.

New Vision Press

Working Languages: English & Chinese

Meeting: 1. 5-6 scholars are invited to give keynote speech;

Participants who submitted paper are to give a presentation during the meeting

Meeting Time: 23rd-24th June,2018, check in after 2 o’clock p.m. 22nd , meeting begins at 9 o’clock on 23rd.

Venue: Hulunbuir Shanshui Hotel (Xuefu Road No. 1, Hailar District, Hulunbuir City)

Arrival Routes: 1. About RMB 10 from Hulunbuir Dongshan Ariport by taxi.

About RMB 15 from Hulunbuir Train Station by taxi.

         The coming NALLTS will publish 2018 NALLTS proceedings, and it will be recorded and retrieved by CPCI-SSH and CPCD. Moreover, all of academic papers recorded by CPCI-SSH will get 2017NALLTS honor certificates.

Expenses: Conference fee RMB1000/Person, RMB500 for students, transportation and accommodation are not included, credit card is acceptable. Standard room with two beds is RMB280/Day (including breakfast), while standard room with a single bed is RMB300/Day (including breakfast), for chummage RMB 140 per day (including breakfast). Meal fee RMB 60/Person. Ahead of time please pay conference fee and accommodation to the account : 15050161664600000133,in the meanwhile, send the receipt to the email address info@nallts.com  and 1034501032@qq.com. You can download the receipt from www.nallts.com and the deadline is 30th May.

Contact: NALLTS Office: 024-31994562  Hao Bo: 15640288993

School of Foreign Languages in Hulunbuir University: 0470-3103317 Hu Buqin

Inner Mogolia Huachenzhongxing Sports Industry Development Ltd., Co. : 0470-8133456 Wang Zhiwen: 13947022600



Organizing Committee of  NALLTS

                           School of Foreign Languages in Hulunbuir University