Northeast International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature and Teaching (NALLTS), launched by Northeast Normal University, aims to improve the academic level of Northeast Asia area. NALLTS has been supported by many universities in the world, especially colleges and universities from South Korea, Japan, Russia and other countries. At the same time, NALLTS has been warmly welcomed by the universities in Northeast and North China, thus the establishment of the organization committee, which includes Zhang Shaojie(the chairman), Yang Junfeng, Liu Yongbing, Li Zhengshuan, Ma Zhanxiang, Zhou Yuzhong, Dong Guangcai, Yang Yue, Yuan Honggeng, Sun Jiancheng, Jiang Yufeng, Zhang Sijie and Lili(vice chairmen). All are the deans of schools of foreign languages at colleges and universities, working as the standing directors.

This 2018 NALLTS academic annual meeting was undertaken by School of Foreign Languages of Hulunbuir University and Foreign Language Teaching & Research Association of Inner Mongolia’s Universities and Colleges. The co-organizers were CDS International Culture Developing Co. Ltd and ENRP Technology Co. Ltd. Nearly 70 people attended the meeting; 109 teachers from more than 100 universities submitted their academic papers to the proceedings of the conference which was to be included in CPCI – SSH. 7 Chinese or foreign experts made keynote speeches. In addition, 20 representatives attended the group discussion to share their opinions.

In the morning of June 23rd, 2018, Jin Xinxin, Secretary of Hulunbuir University, and Ma Zhanxiang, president of Foreign Language Teaching & Research Association of Inner Mongolia’s Universities and Colleges, made the welcome speech. The opening ceremony was held by Executive Vice Chairman Tian Zhenjiang from Foreign Languages School of Hulunbuir University. The host of 2017 NALLTS, Lvliang University, Professor Ren Quanqing addressed the audience. Professor Zhou Yuzhong, Professor Dong Guangcai, Professor Li Zhengshuan and Professor Li Li also made the speech. The Leadership of Hulunbuir University, Chen Shaoying made the welcome speech. Wang Mei, Executive Member of NALLTS appealed for the examination of the List of Organizing Committee and the List of Academic Committee of 2018 NALLTS and got the two lists passed. A total of 19 experts and scholars served as honorary presidents of NALLTS, chairman, executive chairman, deputy chairman and executive vice president; 25 people from different schools of foreign languages at universities were elected the standing directors of the organizing committee of NALLTS.

During the two days of the meeting, a total of 7 keynote speakers presented their papers at the meeting, and more than 50 teachers presented their papers respectively in the 2 discussion groups. The 7 keynote speeches were hosted by Tian Zhenjiang, Dean of Foreign Language School of Hulunbuir University; Wang Xiangfeng, Executive Vice President of NALLTS; Wang Weibo, Dean of Foreign Language School of Dalian Foreign Language University; Zhang Suuojun, Director of Foreign Language School of Hulunbuir University; Yang Chunquan, Director of Foreign Language School of Ningxia University. The group discussions were hosted by Tan Zhanhai, Dean of Foreign Language School of Zunyi Medical University, Xu Sanqiao, Dean of Foreign Language School of Hebei Finance University and Huang Xiaoping, Former Dean of Foreign Language School of Huaqiao University.

During the two days, Professor Xu Hongchen from China Foreign Affairs University, Professor Dong Guangcai from Liaoning Normal University, Professor Audrone Raakauskiene, Dean of English School of Hebei Foreign Studies University,  Professor Li Zhengshuan from Heibei Normal University, Professor Tian zhenjiang, Dean of Foreign Language School of Hulunbuir University, Professor Yang Junfeng, Former Vice President of Dallian University of Foreign Languages and Professor Zhou Yuzhong from Ningxia University gave their keynote speeches, the titles in proper order being “The Impact of China’s Standards of English Language Ability on English Language Teaching in China”,“Image Re-actualization and Meaning Construction in Poetry Translation”,“Gothic Literary Imagination and Modern Culture”,“A Sketch of the History of Translating Tibetan Gnomic Verses”,“A tentative norm principle of Chinese English and its implementation”,“Simultaneous Interpreting: The Role of Theory”, “A Study of American Identity and Bilingual Education”.

In the afternoon of June 23rd, two discussion groups were divided according to the topics of linguistics & teaching and literature & translation, and the papers were presented. After the keynote speech in the morning of June 24nd, the conference was closed. The closing ceremony of NALLTS was hosted by Professor Wang Xiangfeng, Executive Vice President of NALLTS. At the closing ceremony, Executive Member Tan Zhanhai and Huang Xiaoping made summary statements about paper presentations and group discussions. Vice Chairman Li Zhengshuan reported the results of submitting papers and announced the list of awarding papers.

Chairman Zhang Shaojie, Vice Chairman Ma Zhanxiang, Executive Vice Chairman Tian Zhenjiang handed NALLTS flag to 2019 NALLTS organizer, Vice Chairman Li Li, Southwest University. Professor Li Li made the speech. Finally, Professor Zhang Shaojie, Chairman of NALLTS, made the closing speech.

2018 NALLTS received 135 papers in total, 109 papers were selected to be published by New Vision Press in the Proceedings of The 2018 Northeast Asia International Symposium on Linguistics, Literature and Teaching.